My guest for this episode is Amy Baker CEO and Co-founder of The PIE, a media, recruitment and events business created to inform, inspire and connect a global community of leaders in international education, edtech and global language learning. 
The PIE's flagship news website reached one million users in 2023 and Amy is a regular commentator and host of events focused on the industry's latest developments, including The PIE Live - a series of three conferences held in the UK, US and Australia , and the globally renowned PIEoneer Awards, which see 2000 delegates combined across all 4 events.

Topics covered in this episode;

  • What inspired Amy to start The PIE, and were there experiences in her career that shaped her vision for the company
  • Amy shares some of the most significant challenges faced in the early stages of The PIE and how she overcame them
  • Key strategies that helped Amy scale The PIE from a start-up to its current size
  • How they get their clients to buy into a year round, hybrid offering
  • The journey Amy and her two female business partners have been on and how they balance their individual strengths and weaknesses
  • What principles guide Amy in managing her team and making business decisions
  • What measures Amy thinks are necessary to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women in business
  • Amy's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a business

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