This week I spoke with with Mike Seaman, CEO Raccoon Media Group, a dynamic, high-growth media business focused on health and wellbeing markets.
The business launched in 2017 and is dedicated to getting people from all backgrounds healthy, outside and active via its portfolio of events and media properties which include The National Cycling Show, National Snow Week, Snowbound Expo, The National Running Show, Run Show Boston, The National Equine Show and The National Outdoor Expo and its digital platform Outside & Active.
The conversation includes;
  • How Mike & the business survived and grew during the pandemic
  • Inside the process of launching a new event
  • The reasons behind the shift to being a media business
  • The right way to serve communities
  • A not to missed story about when Mike's mum met Ben Fogle!
  • Is the events industry failing at sustainability?
  • Insights on establishing a winning company culture

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