Josh White, Founder, CanO Water, on how events fuel their mission to reduce single use plastic!

My guest for this episode is Josh White, Co-Founder and Global Brand Director of CanO Water.

The sight of plastic bottles everywhere on a remote island changed everything for three friends from London. Spotting a lot of brands they knew from home, bottled water seemed to be the biggest culprit.

That got Josh and his 2 friends thinking, there had to be a more recyclable and recycled solution for when you’re on-the go or if you forget your trusty reusable flask. After a lot of research, the three friends discovered more about the recyclability of aluminium.The facts spoke for themselves – and so Cano Water was born.

What started out as an eye-opening trip abroad became a mission to reduce single use plastic. In this conversation Josh talks to me about how and why events play an important role in spreading their message and help to disrupt the drinks industry & play a part in a more sustainable global future. He also provides and insight into his journey from founding the business in 2015 to present day.

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