This week I spoke with Josh King, Sales & Marketing Director, emc3.  emc3 produce game-changing experiences powered by strategy, content and creativity, underpinned by their commitment to a sustainable future for events, to make every moment count.

The conversation includes;

  • How Josh entered the events industry, and his role at emc3
  • Where to begin when building an event concept
  • What makes a good event?
  • Marketing tactics & strategies we can use to mobilise an audience
  • The future of events, including how the metaverse & NFTs will impact the way we connect with audiences
  • How to implement a company culture, vision & values, & retaining talent
  • Climbing the Career ladder & staying motivated whilst working for a business for a long period of time
  • How can we create a sustainable events framework?
  • Use of social media to help build a personal & business brand
  • What is the best event Josh has attended & why?
  • What 3 things Josh would take to a desert island