For the latest episode of The Dan Assor Show podcast for eventprofs, I interviewed Jessica Webber, the Global Head of Bloomberg Live Experiences. Β The conversation is a dive deep into the world of event management, community building, and the future of live events.

Key Highlights:

πŸš€ Creating Memorable Experiences: Jessica shared her unique journey from acting to event management and her passion for crafting unforgettable moments.

🌍 Building True Communities: Examples of how events can forge strong communities.

πŸ€– Integrating Technology: The role of AI and technology in enhancing event planning, execution, and post-event networking.

πŸŽͺ Festivalization of B2B Events: Learn how Bloomberg is incorporating festival-like elements into their events to provide diverse and immersive experiences.

🌐 Navigating Global Challenges: Valuable insights into the importance of understanding cultural nuances and handling logistical complexities in global event planning.

🍽️ Taking Care of Attendees' Needs: From seamless registration to high-quality food and beverages, Jessica emphasizes the importance of prioritizing attendees' comfort.

πŸ” Future Trends: Discover the emerging trends in the event industry, including the shift towards smaller, focused events and the integration of online and offline experiences.


About the Guest

Jessica is a strategic and innovative senior executive with deep experience driving relevancy, loyalty and growth for the teams she has led. As a leader with comprehensive experience in events and operations Jessica was previously Managing Director of Global Events for New York Times where she established and implemented a new vision, strategic business plan, brand identity and go-to-market strategy for all NYT events, experiences, and live content. Under her leadership the NYT Events business transformed from a legacy program to a cornerstone brand product.

Prior to The New York Times, Jessica was VP of New Lab, a New York based tech incubator known for connecting entrepreneurs with large brands to facilitate hardware products that solve the world's most complex problems. Jessica led the partnership efforts connecting with brands from IKEA to JetBlue, Intel and the New York EDC.


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