This week I was privileged to speak with Lennox Ado, Show Director CloserStill Media.. Launched in September 2022, The Jewellery Show is the annual event home to fine, luxury, silver and contemporary designer jewellery as well as loose precious stones, watches and retail technology and solutions

The conversation includes;

  • How Lennox got into the events and exhibitions industry
  • Lennox's passion for the Jewellery industry
  • The history of trade shows for the Jewellery sector
  • How Lennox came to work with CloserStill Media
  • The process of launching The Jewellery Show, and the challenges he faced
  • What excites and motivates Lennox about working on trade shows
  • Lennox's hopes and dreams for the future of the Show
  • What Lennox is passionate about outside of work