My guest for this episode is Heather Holst- Knudsen, CEO & Founder of H2K Labs. Based out of Florida, H2K Labs helps events, media, marketing, and technology companies develop data-powered revenue growth.

Conversation includes

What is meant by a data first approach?
What are the first steps businesses can make in utilising data in their sales strategies?
Best practices when integrating new products, services and businesses into an existing infrastructure
The role of data in modern sales strategies
How can event organisers effectively use data to demonstrate value to potential sponsors and exhibitors?
How can businesses create the cultural change needed to embed a shift to a data driven sales environment and a customer centric team?
How to you use data to measure and showcase the ROI for sponsors and exhibitors’ post-event?
What does Heather mean by “Forecasting is a Continuous Journey, not a Monthly Report”?
Heather’s view on the evolution of data-driven strategies in the B2B events and media sectors in the next 5-10 years

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